Corporate Readiness / Employability Skill Development Program For 2nd Year MBA/M.Tech
Where do I stand ?? Employabilty Assesment (Self Assesment by using Employability Matrix)Understanding The Basic Requirements to be employable. 1
Concept & Method of Communication. The 1st.Step Say & Act With Me "There Was a Duke Of York" 1
Realizing How to Communicate. Importance Of Occasion,Need,Creating an Impression for self & Aiming Success through Speaking abilities. Public Speaking Practice 1
Communication Skill Practicing Effective Communication Tactics. Eleminating F.E.A.R. Covering up with Appropriate Body Language 1
Tips For Speaking English. Processing Inward & Outward Translation. Practicing to Speak in English by using Sipmle or Known Words. Presentation Skills.Making Effective PPTs 1
Importance Grammar & Vocabs. How to becomne Nearly Perfect in Gramar of Spoken Englis. How to use very Simple Words yet Sound Higflying 1
Group Discussion Group Discussion Fundamentals 1
Group Discussion Practice 1
Group Task Group Task Theory 1
Group Task Practice 1
Aptitude Numerical Aptitude × NA
Non Verbal Reasoning × NA
Interview Techniques Negative & Positive Corporate Personality Traits. Hoow to Eliminate Nagative Traits & Acquire Positive Traits 1
Interview Appearance Grooming 1
Specialization- Specific Interview Q & A 2
Resume Wining 2
Job Search Techniques 1
Interviews Preparation 1
Interviewer's Profile 1
Interview as a Ceremony 1
Personal Interview Practice/Role Plays 5
Assesment & Grading Employability Assesment & Grading By Experts 1
Batch Size : 25to 30 Students
Cost : Rs.__________
No: of Resource Persons : 2
Trainer's Transportation & Logistics : To be provided by the College?University.